Application for Auto Financing at Land Rover Livermore

Finance or Lease a New Vehicle

When shopping at Land Rover Livermore, if you found a vehicle you like and want to buy, then our online finance application can have you pre-approved for a loan in minutes. But if you're financing a vehicle for the first time, you may have some questions about the process, and we're here to help.

Applying Online

When applying for a car loan at our dealership, the first step requires customers to submit basic contact information such as name, address, phone number, email address, etc. When filling out this information, we'll also ask other questions, such as if the person is over 18 and their income. This helps us determine if someone is a good candidate for lending money and if they can pay back the loan.

Credit Check

Next, we'll need to perform a credit check. When we conduct a credit check, we're looking to see how well someone has paid back their debts. But we work with all people regardless of their credit score. The point of the credit check is to determine how much money we're able to lend and which loan options fit our customers best.

Once we know a customer's credit history and we've approved them for a loan, we'll work closely with them, so they understand how our financing process works and what happens if they are unable to make payments.

Learn More at Our Dealership

Outside of being able to afford the vehicle you want, getting a car loan can also help you build up their credit score if it's low or if you have none at all. Our dealership always puts our customers first, so if you're looking to purchase a vehicle from our dealership, reach out, and our team will be happy to help however they can.